Our Impact

Our philosophy

We have found that all it takes to significantly improve a child's life is time and a belief in the following principles:

  • Excellence is the greatest deterrent to racism and poverty.
  • Every child will succeed if they have one person who believes in them completely and who loves them unconditionally.
  • It should never be suggested to a child that they might succeed: promise them that they will succeed and give them the tools to do it.

Our vision is to bring literacy, as well as the hope, power, and freedom it provides, to Ottawa’s most heroic children and youth.
Our mandate is to provide free literacy, life-skills, and mentoring programs to marginalized children and youth.
Our belief is that literacy is the birthright of Canada's children. When students begin Sage Youth programs, they are considered to be "children at-risk". Through our programs, they move towards becoming "children in-opportunity". Our purpose is to support them in realizing their dreams.

By addressing marginalization, diversity, and illiteracy in a cohesive and systemic manner, literacy among Canadians can dramatically increase and Canadian society as a whole will benefit from a greater number of individuals becoming leaders and entrepreneurs.