The Lead Us to Literacy and Let Us Lead! Project: Our Workbooks
Literacy and Life-Skills Workbooks

ELF workbooks are available in English and French.

Our workbooks and materials are available to Canadian registered charities with a valid charitable registration number.

These highly effective materials support children in a holistic, empowering way. Specific modules have been created by the ELF and its partners for Indigenous youth; marginalized young women and girls; refugee children; and inner-city youth of colour.

Our materials help program participants develop their skills in the following ways:

  • by teaching core verbal, phonetic, comprehension, and writing skills that work
  • by enhancing their professional, resume-writing, workplace, and goal-setting skills
  • by developing their personal finance and general financial literacy know-how
  • by nurturing their capacity for leadership and environmental stewardship

The ELF training does an exceptional job of combining very practical skills and techniques to develop literacy among youth and the underlying philosophy of raising youth aspirations by teaching respect for others and oneself. By imbuing students with core literacy skills and deep respect for others and themselves, the program creates a virtuous cycle that can change students' lives.

~ Pathways to Education