The Lead Us to Literacy and Let Us Lead! Project: Workshops
Literacy Workshops

ELF training workshops are available in English and French. 
These sessions are available to Canadian registered charities.

The ELF offers training for diverse and innovative literacy programs. Our experience and strength are in supporting programs for children from new Canadian, Indigenous, low-income, and exceptional communities.

Workshops can also be completed by conference call and Skype to discuss topics ranging from approaches to literacy skills development, volunteer training, and training to accompany our materials. These sessions are offered at our cost. Training sessions could include topics such as how to:

  • create an inspiring, effective, powerful, and joyful program
  • deliver critical elements of our ELF literacy program
  • effectively use the ELF workbooks to build verbal, phonetic, comprehension, writing, leadership, vocational education, employability, and financial literacy skills
  • adapt our user-friendly literacy assessments to your needs
  • enhance classroom programming and integrate literacy into your existing activities

Please contact us for information on ELF literacy workshops.


ELF training was perfectly structured to meet the needs and concerns of our community. Participation by parents and tutors was extraordinary and we have been inundated with requests to repeat our success this year. The accessibility of the materials and training provided by the ELF were a major part of this success, helping our community to more clearly understand the Canadian learning approach… The materials supplied by the ELF are unquestionably the most accessible our community assistants and program participants have found to deal with the literacy issues of this population.

~ St Jamestown Family Literacy Services, Toronto